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. and that is when they told me that they were going to name john as the sniper. >> that was also when they would argue that her ex-husband was out to murder her. and the 10 people that were just killed, that was just a cover. mill dread says john, allen muhammad was psychologically abusive to her. he december appeared with her three children. a judge issued a restraining order. mill dread moe hauhammad knew tf he saw her again, he would kill her. >> i think you would be surprised to know that other people have attacked you. >> they don't consider me or my children to be victims. there were people who said to me, or my face, or e-mail or letters, that if i would have stayed with john, he would have just killed me. >> after all you have been through, how do you cope with that kind of thing? >> people were expressing the emotions out of pain. and if they could not get to john, then the next person would be me. >> reporter: at first, mildred worked hard to protect her family's privacy. but as the years have passed, she has channelled her pain and hardship into hope. she started a nonprofit web site
after we did this interview with d dot spokesman john lyle we noticed cars we watched no longer using plaquards and getting tickets. >> handicap issue itself is hard one to enforce. first of all, it's free. and there's no way of knowing whether the person is parked there, you know, has a valid disability or not. >> councilmember chase says it may be time to do city wide recall to make sure only those with legitimate disabilities get a plaquard. she is also interested in teaming up with maryland where police have access to the handicap plaquard data base to quickly check for violators. >> maybe we can exchange data bases. they can have their list of valid plaquards. we can have our list of valid plaquards and we can switch and have the software in both of our, you know, handhelds. >> they both say they hope the city's red top meter program will eliminate plaquard problems. starting next year, even those with plaquards will have to pay the meter. tisha thompson, news 4 i-team. >> the news of sandy continues. a lot of people haunted by last year's hurricane irene, see what they are doing
. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "wreck it ralph," john c. reilly.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3